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Howdy there folks,

Welcome to new members and region directors. Thanks to the returning directors and officers. TETRA has a new year full of rides already planned and more that are not yet on the schedule. Work days are in the plans at some of the parks. Visit TETRA’s calendar page to find out the details on the rides and work days. With fuel prices lower maybe more people can visit regional rides that are not necessarily in their own region.

One aspect of my term in office is that I want everyone to ask people that may, or may not have heirs to their assets and/or considering donating those assets to the state or others, that they consider TETRA to donate those assets to. TETRA will make sure their wishes are followed. Would have been great if TETRA had been in existence when Parrie Haynes was donated and would have been on the receiving end. Parrie Haynes Ranch is a good example of what TETRA members can do. The state may sell donated property, TETRA will make good use of the property. The state is also limited in how maintenance is controlled on their property.

Will be good to ride and work on TETRA’s own property with no fear of that property being sold. Maybe a traveling stop for traveling TETRA members. Maybe a foster home for rescue horses. Unlimited of what TETRA can do with the property.

Spread the word and let’s get some land for TETRA. A 501c3 organization. Thanks and happy careful riding.


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