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Welcome to TETRA.  TETRA remains an active equestrian voice for our membership and trail riders throughout the state.  We welcome and encourage new ideas from everyone, remaining a family friendly organization, riding safe and bringing our younger generation to great outdoor adventures with the horses and camping we have all come to love. 
A cornerstone of our organization is our membership, who are our eyes and ears on what is happening throughout the state.  Our regional directors are the asset that makes this all work, as without them, TETRA would be confined to one part of the state whose impact would certainly be much smaller than it has been over the last 20 years.  
We celebrated that 20 year landmark November 2017, with a large gathering honoring our founding and charter members whose foresight opened many great riding areas throughout Texas.  Without them, sadly, Texas would have not had the equestrian voice its had and there would be fewer areas for us to ride.  It is up to all of us to remain good stewards of the land we enjoy and ride, ride, ride!

Geri Bischoff
TETRA President

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